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(Smaller motifs in these designs which would fit onto a greeting card).

 Use a Fabric Calculator to be sure the size of the design to be stitched will fit inside the opening with the size fabric you have entered.



#114 Rainforest Creatures

(The Blue Morpho is the right size).

#136 Valentine Goodies

(The sugar cookies or chocolate hearts without text are the right size).



#139 Breast Cancer Bears



#194 Quick Holiday Cards


         #03 Child's Bouquet

(Small cluster of violets included is the right size).

          #02 Rose Passion

(Small roses included are the right size).



        #40 Viola Flower Card



#105 Merry Christmas

(Small angels included are the right size).

#97 French Heart Ornaments

(Each individual heart is the right size).



#98 20 By 20 Traditional Ornaments



#218 Christmas Joy And Greetings



#221 Blackwork Holiday Cards



#222 Blackwork Special Occasion Cards


#223 Blackwork Words Of Caring Cards












Linen Flowers-Timeless Handwork