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Wedding Day #119

Flower Girl

A beautiful part of every wedding is the adorable Flower Girl. Show her your thanks by stitching this on a Sudberry treasure box cover. Design size: 50 w x 50 h.


Every eye in the wedding is on the beautiful bride. This would be lovely stitched and displayed on an easel on the cake table. Design size: 50 w x 50 h.


A “Congratulations” wish to place at the cake table for the new couple and guests to enjoy with the confections. Design size: 48 w x 50 h.


This Day Forward

A pretty, sampler-style reminder of the special day. Stitching ideas include a small photo album, a tuck pillow, or a wedding sampler (adding names and dates to the top and bottom from the alphabet in God Bless You). Design size: 50 w x 50 h.


(c) 2013 Angie Kowalsky/Linen Flowers Designs

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