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Welcome to the Linen Flowers/Timeless Handwork online store.

Our exclusive catalog of Needlework Designs is always expanding...

Inside you will find over 200 hand-drawn Cross Stitch designs by Linen Flowers, and at least 50 Original Pattern Sets in Crochet, Knitting, Sewing, and Plastic Canvas by Timeless Handwork.

Downloadable patterns make it possible for you to receive your pattern within 24 hours. Even if you are across the globe, this quick access to your patterns is convenient for you, with no added shipping charges.

Our goal is to offer quality Needlework patterns and charts, with great customer service.

Faith in God is the strength behind our business, for, "Without Him, we can do nothing."












Please join Linen Flowers along with other Needlework Designers at The Counted Wishes Festival, September 15-21, 2015, as we present "What's New And Different In Design!"

It's a great time to plan a stitching retreat with your friends and decide on your favorites! Look for New Designs, Special Prizes, Show Specials, and More!

The Festival is held online at

















#220 Half Of My Heart



#19 The Meaning Of Love



#32 Danish Garden Bellpull


#221 Blackwork Holiday Cards



#222 Blackwork Special Occasion Cards



#223 Blackwork Words Of Caring Cards



#08 Je t'aime



#219 John 3:16




#218 Christmas Joy And Greetings



#20 The Lord Is My Shepherd




#42 Yes, Dear




#27 Satin Sheets





















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