New Cross Stitch Releases At The Counted Wishes Festival, Plus A Complimentary Doorprize

Dear Stitching Friends,

If you love Needlework Designs, you will enjoy visiting The Counted Wishes Festival at March 15-21.

The Festival offers a unique opportunity for Independent Designers to show stitchers what’s “New And Different” in design.

What I love about being part of this Festival is that, though small, there is nothing else like it in our business!

Retail Designers who participate in the Festival show that quality of design does exist in retail, and it’s in this venue that you will find designs which are not seen in every Needlework store. I am constantly amazed at the beautiful designs and talent represented in each Counted Wishes Festival.

Deena Hosmer, Festival owner and behind- the- scenes IT whiz, takes a lot of pride in putting together a professional and exciting show for visitors. Besides browsing the designs, you will find Show Specials, Complimentary designs to take home, and games and prizes.

It’s an important show for both Designers and Stitchers, and we hope that you will stop by the Festival, and tell your friends in stitching groups about it.

Thank you,

Angie Kowalsky

Linen Flowers/Timeless Handwork

Creative Needlework Design Since 1995